The Journey to Wokeness, Psychedelics Revisited, Dealing with Addiction & Loss (Plus Bill Goes Galt)

In this episode of the Doomer Bloomer Podcast …we discuss…among other things…

Psychedelics Revisited (Tim Ferris: Milken Institute: MDMA research)

Urban Dictionary Definition (What is Woke AF?) Wokeness in Movies/Media

Knowing everything is an illusion of the mind. Mainly the more extreme version of "Woke" encapsulating higher dimensional and abstract thought. One achieves this "Woke af" philosophy after ingesting a very high dosage of DMT, Mushrooms, or any other hallucinogenic substance.

Sam: Have you seen the recent interviews of Jim Carrey, he's out of his f***ing mind!

Josh: Na, Jim Carrey is Woke af

California Homelessness Causes Bubonic Plague

AOC and the Squad (Alexia, Rasida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, Ayana Presley)

Getting rid of Social Media (30 day experiment) No Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat
Tragic Death & Loss (Overdose, Drugs & Alcohol etc)***

Plastic Straws vs Paper Straws (Cost vs Environment)

Morning Routines (Best time to Wake up?)

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