Feb. 26, 2021

Doomer Bloomer Podcast Season 2 Episode #5 (Erin Mac AKA the "Joy-Slinger")

Doomer Bloomer Podcast Season 2 Episode #5 (Erin Mac AKA the "Joy-Slinger")

Erin's journey started with an anxiety disorder that had her holed up in her home for nearly a year.  Got the chemistry leveled out, but still needed to get the mind on board.  Avoided that for about 10 years, then nearly killed someone with her car and began attending seminars and reading self-development books and things began to make sense.  Then 8 years later found herself getting divorced and should have been able to pull on all the information that she had learned, but realized she didn't have any strategies, just understandings. She had a spiritual awakening reading the book "A Course In Miracles," and trained under Mike Dooley and discovered her purpose, to teach others how to find joy and cultivate it daily.

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